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I have an old dog

I have an old dog. When did she become old?  Maybe it started with the decline in her manners. Doesn’t she see me standing here as she pulls something out of the trash?!  Maybe, but it doesn’t matter because she knows I won’t enforce the rules and she can’t hear me...

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Solving a behavior problem in my home

I am not a dog "behavior" trainer; I train dogs for competition dog sports, and I limit my behavior training to within that realm. For example, dogs that stress up, stress down, uncomfortable with the stand for exam, etc; that's my territory. House manners? Barking at...

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Balancing games and precision in heeling

I love precision heeling.  I love seeing a dog heel with a perfectly parallel body, not moving out of position even an inch, pulling up on the left turns and powering through to the right. I also love heeling games!  I love how they add energy, flow, and confidence to...

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A simple heeling game

Heeling games are things that we do to increase our dog's drive and enthusiasm for heeling.   Dogs can learn heeling games even if they have no heeling at all; indeed, probably the best time to teach heeling games is roughly when you are teaching precision heeling...

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Your Place on the Radar: Near 100%

In my last blog I talked about "making your dog's radar". Now I'd like to talk about how much you might want to be on your dog's radar under different circumstances and your options for adjusting that using dog-friendly methods. Here are a few broad categories to help...

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