Denise Fenzi’s


No, you cannot simply ignore bad behavior

Ignoring bad behavior is a really bad idea if the behavior has any self reinforcing component - which is a lot of them. The advice to "ignore bad behavior" has gotten's wings in the dog training community and we need to address it. It is perfectly fine advice if the...

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Labels: Who am I?

For years I have struggled to find a label to define my approach to training.   In general, I have reverted to using either "force free" trainer or "positive reinforcement-based" trainer.  While neither accurately defines my training I think it gives the most...

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Are you who you were?

I use labels.  I find that labels make it easy to talk to other people. I talk about shy dogs, reactive dogs, nervous dogs, driven dogs, etc.    Labels are a part of language and exist for a reason - shorthand communication. Of course, there are problems that come...

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