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Got a puppy? Like free?

If you have a puppy, or if you are a breeder who sells puppies, or if you are a rescue who places puppies, or if you just like reading, thinking, or dreaming about puppies.... then keep reading. The instructors at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) have created a gift...

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The concept of Choice

Note: I wrote this blog post within a few days of starting my blog in 2011. I don't recall why I never published it, regardless, I found it here in my drafts folder today. Because I think it's interesting to observe how thoughts about training (and writing style!)...

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No. Don’t do that.

If you were standing in the kitchen with your two-year-old and you noticed that they were about to climb on top of your kitchen table, what would you do? You would probably say something along the lines of "uh uh" and remove them as they climbed up the chair. Ideally,...

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Calling a dog back to work after distraction

Imagine the following scenario: You have gone through all of the stages of engagement and are now working your dog at stage 4; your dog has opted in. You believe that your dog is well acclimated and clearly has asked to start work. You send your dog to fetch the...

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Reinforcement Choices in Heeling

Today I wanted to see what I had with Brito's heeling.  Here's an unedited video: After you teach the pieces of lovely heeling, You have to string them together. At that point, I use my choice of reinforcement (food or toys) and the positioning of those reinforcers to...

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