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How to Pick a Pet Dog Trainer

You have a new dog or puppy, and you’re either feeling pro-active and want to get off on the right foot or you’ve got a problem brewing and you need to do something about it. How do you find a dog trainer for your pet dog? The typical advice you’re going to get will...

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My Life as A Blogger

365 days ago, I started a blog.  I had no agenda, except to create a "diary" of the process of raising my new puppy, Lyra.  I had no intention of posting every week.  I had no intention of using my blog as a soapbox; a chance to talk about whatever thoughts, feelings,...

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Balance – Trainer and Student

I have lots of opinions about how dogs "should" be trained.  I prioritize toys and play over food, speed over accuracy, short sessions over long ones, etc.  At the same time, I also have a range of students in both private lessons and in seminars with their own...

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The NEW Dog Sports Trainer Certificates at FDSA!

We did another thing at FDSA! If you are a goal-oriented sort of person, and if you take classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, you may want to check out our new certificate program which combines the formal education provided by FDSA with an applied skills component...

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