Denise Fenzi’s


Welcome, Puppy Dice

I got a new puppy yesterday. With COVID turning the world upside down, it was quite a Dicey Proposition getting him here and now that is his name - Dicey Proposition of Sprite-Wildrose - call name Dice. Here's a video of his first training session, done via FB live:...

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Chicken or the Egg

Your dog is going ballistic - running all over the place like a chicken with it's head cut off. You're frustrated because you need to get this stopped; it's impacting your life! At the same time, you know that your dog's behavior is being driven by not getting enough...

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Conversations with Raika

For 15 years I had the privilege of living with a very special dog. She passed away late last year and while I still miss her, I have enough distance from the loss to be able to smile most of the time when I think about her. In the last several years of her life I...

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Do you understand WHY you do what you do in training? Why it works? Have you tested your logic?   Do you understand WHY you shape one exercise and not another? WHY you might lure? WHY you keep cookies in your pocket before you reinforce? WHY you generalize behaviors?...

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Building Name Recognition

Would you like to develop name recognition within your area of interest? I have a few ideas for you.  I'll use dogs as an example but the basic idea will hold up in general. Start by identifying your target audience: Who might listen to you now?  Where do you fit most...

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