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Just on the Edge of Suck

Do you struggle to increase criteria in training? Stuck in a comfortable rut? Julie Flanery has written a guest blog for us this week on exactly this topic; read on! Just on the Edge of Suck  by: Julie Flanery I’m going to a new gym. It’s not like any gym I’ve been to...

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Socialization and Early Training

I am often asked how we should socialize our dogs so that they will grow up as well adjusted as possible. I think the answer is both simple and intuitive: The same way you socialize your small children. I know that many of you don’t have children but work with me...

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How to Pick a Pet Dog Trainer

You have a new dog or puppy, and you’re either feeling pro-active and want to get off on the right foot or you’ve got a problem brewing and you need to do something about it. How do you find a dog trainer for your pet dog? The typical advice you’re going to get will...

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My Life as A Blogger

365 days ago, I started a blog.  I had no agenda, except to create a "diary" of the process of raising my new puppy, Lyra.  I had no intention of posting every week.  I had no intention of using my blog as a soapbox; a chance to talk about whatever thoughts, feelings,...

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