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The science of words. Or is it the words of science?

Here's a puzzle for you based on the "Stroop Effect" Name the colors of the following words.  Don't read the words; name the colors.  For example, you would say red, blue, green, if you were going across the top line. How did you do?  It's hard!  That's because our...

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Free classes at FDSA

My guess is that most people who follow this blog know that I own an online school. It's called Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and we are currently registering for the February Term. We average about 40 classes each term, and cover pretty much everything from foundation...

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Molecular Redistribution

Here on my blog I generally talk about dog training, but on Facebook, I cover a good deal more territory. The following conversation is one of a regular series of conversations that I have with my 13-year-old dog, Raika.  Some of our conversations are funny and some...

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The need for space

I do a huge amount of training in my house.   I do that because it's quiet, it's familiar to my dog, and it's convenient for me.     That is very much a winning proposition, and the convenience allows me to get in several tiny sessions per day if I wish to do so....

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The myth of ring experience

If I had a dollar for every time someone said they were showing for ring experience, I'd be a very rich woman. "Experience" can be a wonderful thing for creating comfort and enthusiasm for a task. When you train your dog on a regular basis and it's really fun for both...

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