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Will you give me your email address for FDSA?

I'm running a contest for a free FDSA class for this term (enrollment closes tomorrow!) or for August - you can choose!  I'll draw a winner tomorrow evening. I want your email address so that I can send you information about FDSA, but only if you want to give it to...

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To help or not to help, that is the question!

Imagine this. You are learning a foreign language. Some aspects of learning that language are easy for you and others are hard. It could be that you learn vocabulary easily, or conjugating verbs, or that you're very good at listening, writing or speaking. But the odds...

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Training excellence via Handler Mechanics

Julie Flanery, my friend and fellow instructor at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, wrote a short article on this topic, and I'm sharing it here with you. Thank you, Julie, for your generosity!  If you'd like to work with Julie directly, she is teaching a class this term that...

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Science based training and the four quadrants of learning

Wherever did anyone get the idea that the definition of a science-based trainer is one who believes in the four quadrants?  The quadrants are a reality that explain the ways that we acquire behaviors. They exist. If you know that, then you're educated as to the basics...

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Ring stress

Sue Yanoff, a student at FDSA and a longtime obedience competitor, wrote the following description of her journey to her CDX with her Beagle Ivy.    I asked Sue if I could share it here because in my experience, ring stress is the most common problem trainers run into...

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