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Denise Fenzi

Denise Fenzi is a writer, story teller, dog trainer, free spirit, entrepreneur, and advocate for people and animals – in no particular order.

As a competitor, Denise is best known for her flashy and precise obedience work, as demonstrated by two AKC OTCH dogs and perfect scores in both schutzhund and Mondio Ringsport obedience.

She has titled dogs in obedience, tracking, schutzhund, mondioring, herding, conformation, and agility.

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Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is an online dog training school dedicated to providing high quality instruction for competitive dog sports using only progressive and friendly training methods – our school is kind for both dogs and humans!

TEAM Titling Program

TEAM stands for “Training Excellence Assessment Modules,” which perfectly describes our goal — a progression-oriented titling program that emphasizes excellence in training.

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Helping a Hypergreeter

A few years ago I developed a simple protocol for dogs who are "hyper greeters." Hyper greeters are not just friendly and enthusiastic dogs.  They are dogs who show an extreme lack of impulse control in the presence of people, and as a result they get in a lot of...

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Are you excellent?

On the way to school this morning, my younger son commented that he knows a lot about driving. He's got the strategy down. Presumably, this is because my husband normally drives him places and my husband is all about strategic driving.  Making the "best" decisions....

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