We’ve had an overnight transformation.

Lyra decided she won’t die in her crate after all.  So…we’re down to about 10 minutes of complaining when crated and then she falls asleep.  As a benefit, she’s a heck of a lot better natured today than she was yesterday.  I tend to react to sleep deprivation the same way, so I’d say we’re all on the same page.

On the plus side, she’s back to being sweet and social with the various guests who come to my house (and there are a lot on a daily basis).   She’s being curious, inquisitive, confident, and determined.

Of course, that means my charming little puppy who followed me from room to room has moved out. In her place is another adorable puppy, but this one does NOT come when called.  She does NOT retrieve her cute little objects (I sure liked that). She does NOT come in after pottying, unless she’s on leash.

In short, her confident, curious nature is rearing it’s head. I still think it’s a very cute head.  Indeed, I picked it!

For starters, we’ll be  playing games with those toys to try and regain her retrieve.  This could take weeks or months, so no hurry on that one.

Her tug continues to be excellent so I can maintain that interest rather than building it.

She’s a little less interested in ME.  I will begin to explore what it takes to make her want to play with me; what sounds and movements attract her attention, what piques her interest, and what intimidates her.

We have the tiniest, cutest bit of heeling started.  I’ll try to tape that soon.

We’ll venture out into the world a little more as well.  She’s actually been out a fair amount, but more to prevent having to leave her home alone than for her benefit.  Today she went to the bike store (she loved that).  She went for a walk down our street (I carried her) and experienced loud cars.  She is a country dog, so the sounds of traffic are scary.  She’ll outgrow that soon enough.

Did I mention how very cute she is?  Very cute.  Very very cute.