Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing.

It can make a hardened trainer do things they will later regret, like placing a puppy in their bed at 1am in the morning.  Then again, with the three blissful hours of sleep that followed, maybe it was a good idea after all.

She is back in her crate now.  Screaming.

Admittedly, I never asked for a quiet puppy.  And it has been many years, so maybe this is…normal.  But holy toledo….this girl has some lungs.

She has been introduced to both Cisu and Raika.  Neither seems to “see” her.  If they are walking in a straight line and she is in the way, they go right through her.  She’s learned to move.  She did make the mistake of eyeing Raika’s toy, and a few teeth flashed in her direction quickly changed her mind.  Her dog sense is better than any puppy I’ve ever owned.  After that incident with Raika’s teeth, I saw Cisu walk over to her and snuffle her head with a quick tail wag – I took that to mean “you’re ok”.

She met Juno a few hours ago.  Everyone was careful but I can see Juno wants to play.  She tried to get Lyra to run with her, but Lyra is a little concerned about Juno’s speed and intensity.  I can see already that Juno is trying to be more calm.  I’d put money on it that those two will be buddies in no time.

Now that I can have everyone together, life is going to be a lot easier.

She’s been to Home Depot and the post office; carried by my husband who is clearly enjoying his status as proud papa.  She had a fine time.

Today she was supposed to stay home but she gets so upset being crated that I had my husband take her on his errands.  So she went for a nice walk in some woods, and cruised about a local city.

She’s getting nervous around my visitors.  I think she is so sleep deprived that she cant’ function very well.  So…she’s going to stay home and take it easy for a bit.

For work, we practiced heeling for food (she already has a clue about that), retrieving weird objects (she brings them back much better than real toys), and a bit of tugging on a softer toy.  And of course we’ll play.

But for the rest of today and maybe tomorrow, I think she needs to rest more than anything.  If she’d just sleep!