Either Lyra’s food drive just kicked in, or I’ll be purchasing Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts in bulk.  My friend gave me a few, and wow…..got some serious work out of her.  Check out her heeling with something delicious.  At the end I spent a bit of time working on her play skills; this shows opposition reflex without a toy:

Today she saw a dog about 30 feet away.  She watched for a minute and then started barking and growling; backing up.  Who knew Golden Retrievers were so scary?  I don’t believe in  “working through” problems in a 10 week old puppy, because they are rarely problems (as opposed to normal developmental stages), so I put her away.  At the end of the Golden’s lesson, I brought Lyra out to do some work twenty feet from the scary dog.   Just a little bit of exposure….no interaction….and a nice game of tug and chase with mom.   By the time we had worked for a few minutes, she was comfortably working a few feet from the Golden with no issues at all.  An excellent experience.

When it comes to the crate, Lyra has my family trained. I doubt she’s crated more than three hours a day.  The rest of the time she manages to find someone (usually my husband or myself) to supervise her in the house.  I’ve never been much good at crate training.