Lyra is learning to sit automatically in heel position.  I’m also starting to teach her a left hand finish.

In both cases, it’s helpful to have a hand taget; I ask Lyra to touch the side of her muzzle against the side of my hand.  In this way, I can place her in perfect heel positon simply by holding my hand exactly where I want her muzzle.

Lyra rocks back in heel position, so I’m using the hand target to help her understand that when I halt I want a sit AND I want her muzzle on my hand.  Since it’s not possible to rock back and keep her muzzle on my hand, I expect it will eliminate the rock back sit.

I can also use the hand target when we are heeling, and I want to give her a bit of help with keeping her steady and in the “pocket” next to my side.  If I pull my hand in closer then she will come closer.  If crowding ever becomes an issue, I will use the hand target to pull her away from me.

For now, I simply want to fix her rock back sits, and also to tighten up her heel position a little bit at a time.

I’m also using the hand target to help her learn a left hand finish and cleaner fronts.

Lyra is here:

Here, cisu shows the finished product