Lyra has taken up a new sport.  It’s called “Swimming In the Toilet”.

It works like this.  (Keep in mind there is some conjecture here, since I’ve never actually witnessed this).

Lyra takes a  bone and sits down for a chew.  Then she waits until I’m distracted, at which time she takes the bone to the bathroom and drops it into the toilet.  Next, she attempts to remove the bone from the toilet, digging violently in the bowl until she has removed all of the water from the bowl and covered the floor with it.  She leaves the bone for me to remove at a later time.

Lyra is not the first dog in my house to take up a toilet sport.  When Juno was young she also thought it was great fun to remove the water from the toilet; the key difference is that Juno screams when she does it, so I can come running and prevent the full catastrophe.  Lyra is silent.

Lyra’s addition of the toy to the bowl is pure genius, since my kids are not likely to pay any attention and next thing we’ll have a plumber at the house to remove the bone and whatever else gets stuck with it.   I can’t wait.

I could close the toilet seat.  This action would prevent the toilet swimming and I would no longer be mopping the floor on a daily basis, however…. I also have human children.  I have been pleased to see these children lift the toilet seat in recent months rather than peeing indiscriminately all over the place.  Closing the toilet lid upon completion of bathroom activity is probably asking too much now that they have just learned to open it.

Lyra has another favored activity.  She climbs on top of the bookcase to pull down my son’s stuffies.  I’m not completely sure how she does this, but I know that I have been carefully putting the stuffies up, and then ten minutes later they are down again.  A few days ago I got a glimpse of her methods when I saw her stretched between the back of a couch (which is she is not allowed on) and a middle shelf on the bookcase.   It has crossed my mind that we may not be far from finding stuffies in the toilet.  My human child will not be pleased.