It’s Lyra’s birthday!

In honor of Lyra, this is not a training blog; it is simply a training session to show where were at in terms of skills, play and drive when she trains at home.

There are five videos here; they start as I take her out of the yard to begin our session and they end when we’re done.  You’ll get an idea of how I introduce small bits of formality and work with a whole lot of play.

If you watch carefully, you can see that she has many skills but no completed exercises. (video 1 – getting to training field)

video 2 – removed because it is too blurry (video 3 – directed jumping, heeling, broad jump) (video 4 – fronts, finishes, heeling and retrieve) (video 5 – retrieve, high jump, heeling and glove) (video 6 – down; end of session)

In the next month or so, I’ll try to get another video to show where she is at “in public” – different story but continually improving.