For those who are worried that Lyra may have disappeared…no worries.  She’s doing very well and, if anything, has been rather brilliant this week.

But…she’s getting to be a “trained” dog, which means there is less and less that I can show of her training.  Mostly we’re working on generalization – that’s her weakness.  I plan to take a video camera on the road, and I’ll try to document Lyra’s training when that makes sense.

So today I’m back to Brito.  Here you can see my attempts to make him comfortable very close to my body.  I’m teaching him the basics of heel position on both sides, plus to stay close in front after a recall.  I’m working to make sure he’s comfortable on my body and under my body as well as close up against my sides with my hands and arms over the top of him.

We’re practicing a bit of tug and fetch.

Mostly, we’re making friends.  I want the few minutes a day that I spend training him to be the highlight of his life.  And since his life is good (he’s already loose in the house most of time and best friends with Lyra) I’ll have my work cut out for me.  Fortunately, he’s highly interactive and he’s enjoying his training time.