Ring prep class is what I call the process of acclimating a dog to the competition ring.  From my perspective, this can never start too early.

Here is a video of Brito’s very first ring preparation training day.  He really doesn’t have to “do” anything unless he wants to;  mostly I work very hard to make sure that he has a wonderful time in this environment.

I want him to get used to being crated near strange dogs and people.

I want him to get used to the idea of many dogs and people in a small environment, and not be worried.  The dogs in this particular group are excellent for this, so I can be sure that he will have a positive experience.

I want him to get used to waiting his turn.

Most of all, I want him to LOVE LOVE LOVE any place that looks like a dog training event.

Here’s our first Ring Prep; we are in the ring three times for three minutes each time, spaced out over two hours.  This is perfect; just the right amount of time to make an impression but not enough time for either of us to get tired of it.

Notice that he’s a pretty typical puppy.  He barks at other dogs.  He runs off and wants to visit.  His interest in food and toys fades in and out.

That’s why we’re here!  So he can practice being off leash and learning how to work and play in a safe environment, right from the start.  The less time he experiences “leash restraint” the better.  The more often he makes good decisions and has a wonderful time, the better.  He can learn both by being wrong and by being right.

We’ll be making ring preparation a regular part of his future!

Here’s the video


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