Brito has been here about six months now; he’s barely a puppy anymore!

While working on some class materials I found a video that I took of Brito the first week that he was here.  I used portions of this video to introduce him to the world but I picked strategically; you saw him at his best in that initial blog.

I thought it might be educational to show what Brito often looked like as a youngster.  Here is video of Brito when he first arrived and the second video was taken a few weeks ago when he was having a particularly inspired session.  You can still see shades of the original Brito in the second video but he’s come a long long way.

If you haven’t “looked back” on your dog’s training in awhile, maybe this would be a good time to do so.  It can be hard to feel like you’re progressing when you consider your training on a day to day basis, but if you look back a few months, you might be really surprised at what you’ve accomplished.

I had forgotten about those first weeks.  This was a great reminder and I’m grateful that I remembered to take video.  And that I chose to keep it:).

Here’s Brito at four months of age.

And Brito at nine months of age.