Like free stuff?  I’ve got free stuff.

I’ve added a link on my Dog Athlete website for free downloads.  There I just added an edited version of the behavior chains series that I wrote for this blog.  Now it’s all nice and tidy in a 35 page PDF.

If you’d like to have this resource, go ahead and follow this link:

From there, select “free downloads” from the left hand menu.

And help yourself.

Like to pay for stuff too?

You can buy  classes at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FSDA) and they’re quite awesome, if I do say so myself.

Class registration opens July 22nd and classes begin August 1st.  We have TWENTY classes running – it’s insane.   If you need some help selecting a class you can contact me through the “people” link on the academy website and I’ll help you narrow it down.

Here’s the direct link to the schedule for the August 1st lineup: