Free is nice. We all like free.

Courtesy of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, there is one more free thing in this world.

FDSA has created an app for dog trainers.  It’s called “Fenzi Random Reinforcement” and it’s available in the Apple store (sorry, Apple only at this time).  You can either go to itunes and search for it, or follow this link:

If you forget where you found it, I’ve also linked it to my sales website, under ‘Free downloads’, so you can get it there too.

Anyway, about the app.  This is what it can do:

This app can randomize:
1) frequency of reinforcement,
2) duration of reinforcement period, and
3) choice of motivators (food, toys or praise).

Used on the “motivational” setting, you can build motivation and enthusiasm in dogs, or help acclimate dogs when you are generalizing your work to new locations.

Used on the “routine” setting, you can ensure that you aren’t developing a habit of rewarding on a fixed schedule that the dog will come to expect.

Used on the “Trial” setting, you can test your dog’s readiness to compete with out completely removing reinforcement.

Used on the “custom” settings, you can help prepare your dog for competition by reducing reinforcement on a randomized (but decreasing) reinforcement schedule

If you’re striving to randomize your reinforcement choices, this app makes that easy! Simply select the percentage of time that you wish to use food, toys or praise as a reward!

This app is not appropriate for randomizing rates of reinforcement for behaviors that are still being acquired, since a 100% reinforcement schedule is recommended in the learning phase.

Have fun!  Share this with whoever you think might enjoy using it.