Recently I wrote a blog with a video of using “choice” with Brito in training.  In effect, I rewarded all of his choices – even the “wrong” ones – in order to maintain a high level of motivation for his work and to minimize the stress of being wrong.

You can see that blog here:

This video is a follow up, taken about two weeks later.

Brito has developed a clear understanding of what I want and we’re beginning to combine skills.   Sessions are becoming much faster paced as a result of his correct choices – that’s fun for him and further reinforces the work that we are doing together.  Now being correct earns cookies, toys, praise and….flow.  Fast paced movement where time passes effortlessly and the activity is all consuming.

Because our entire training sessions have been enjoyable, Brito has experienced little or no stress in learning, and I’m able to freely use the proofs as either distractions or reinforcers.  He shows no avoidance behaviors of the toys or unsureness in the work.

As a side benefit, he is also much clearer on the idea that balls are only awesome if I’m somehow attached to them.  A win/win!