Today’s guest video is provided by FDSA agility instructor and 2015 Agility World Team Coach, Loretta Mueller.

This is an unedited video of her young dog Gig’s first time on the teeter totter.  This is the entire session.

I love this video for several reasons. First, note the foundation work that she did before ever introducing her dog to the teeter (listed in the first seconds of the video). Second, note how she takes her time to express her appreciation and excitement for Gig’s hard work – each rep is generously rewarded. And finally, note her handling of errors.  They’re no big deal!  Gig is still rewarded (albeit slightly differently)  even when she comes off the end.  Loretta doesn’t express disapproval or try to prevent the error; she knows that she can work on any issues that come up when the time is right, and away from Gig’s first attempts.

Super, Loretta.  Thanks for sharing with us!

Loretta will be teaching her popular class, Introduction to Agility; Handling Basics at FDSA starting August 1st.  This class is perfect if you’re new to agility but not new to dog training, or if you want to clean up your handling or…if you want to try out the sport without buying a ton of equipment!