Where is it?  The article?  It doesn’t appear to be here?

As I started to write about this topic I thought about the challenges faced by pet people who truly want to do what is right for their dogs, but they’re not sure where to start.  Advice on the internet is plentiful, but it varies dramatically in quality, and even the best advice is not always well organized or easy for a person to find.

 To help bridge that gap, I started a new blog yesterday.  The purpose of that blog is to help well meaning pet owners learn to raise their puppies intelligently, with the end goal of an interactive and well trained pet.

This article (It’s a puppy, not a problem) is really equally relevant to a pet or performance dog owner, but since that blog is shiny new, and I’d like you to visit it so you are aware that it is available as a resource, the article is there.  Not here.

So.  You can find today’s article, along with my introductory post explaining my intentions for that blog at:

If you’d like to share with your clients or friends with pet dogs, then feel free to refer them to whichever blog makes the most sense.  Over time, the pet blog will also contain content and will be organized in a manner that makes it very useful to professional pet dog trainers as well.  I hope you like it.

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