In the evaluation video that I submitted two weeks ago, Brito returned with his dumbbell around the high jump.  The following video shows the steps that I am taking to develop his understanding that I want him to jump in both directions.

I start by throwing a cookie out over the high jump.  For the return direction I either throw a second cookie or throw a ball – for Brito the ball is higher value in this context, so it’s a nice option.

Then I add off center cookie throws.  I help him verbally and with my body if I believe he is going to make an error (he doesn’t here).

I click as he returns over the jump.

After several cookie tosses, I test him with the dumbbell.  Even though he successfully works with the dumbbell, I will still continue to do primarily cookie tosses over the jump for the near future.

After working on this for two weeks – both for cookie/ball tosses and with the dumbbell, he has become quite good at finding his way back to the jump, even with distinctly off center throws.  Soon it will become a habit.

When we practice away from home, we’ll warm up with more cookie tosses, so that he understands that the rules are the same in all locations and with all jumps.