Here’s a simple set-up.  I call this “working the clock”.

The basic idea is that you set up a variety of options around the edges of a clock and you stand in the middle.

Here we are working on Utility skills with the addition of cue discrimination (listen to me; don’t follow a pattern!) and proofing (cookie behind go-out marker).

I could have easily substituted a jump for a cone and then done directed jumping.  I could have substituted a glove for the send out marker or the articles.  Or, if I were feeling ambitious, I could have filled many more”spaces” on the clock (up to 12 of them) and put out all of the possibilities that would cover Open and Utility.  And if I really wanted to make it interesting, I could have put out additional proofing options on the clock, likes bowls with food or toys – occasionally sending to those as the reward.  And if you feel the need to heel in every training session, then heel towards or around your obstacles.

If your dog lacks a retrieve, you can substitute cones for gloves.  You can also place a cone behind your high jump and teach the retrieve over jump exercise without a dumbbell. (I’ll show that at some point in the near future with a fun variation.)

Have fun with this!  The goal is to get your dog thinking and to remove the patterns that are the staple of many obedience organizations.

This video is unedited.