I’m working hard to stay calm but it’s quite a struggle because…

I’ve been busy!  Starting a new thing!  And I’m really really really excited about my new thing!

What is this new thing?  It’s this:  Fenzi Team Titles

TEAM is a brand new, online, video titling option for obedience. And it is very very cool :).

Registration began a few weeks ago, and we’re already seeing lots of excited people lining up to get started!

TEAM stands for Training Excellence Assessment Modules.  Each TEAM level builds upon the last level in a logical, progressive manner, so that your dog will end up extremely well trained, doing cool obedience things, and BOTH of you will have an excellent time doing it.

I could go on and on and on.  Instead, how about I show you a video?

This is Brito’s Level 1 TEAM+ submission.

He has to do 13 things, all off leash but…he can have cookies!  And props!  And no one exercise is too hard! Over time the exercises will become more complex, the quantity of cookies will fade, and the challenge level of the distractions will increase.

A little bit at a time, in a systematic way to allow both the dog and handler to succeed.

If a dog can finish TEAM6+, that team is in extremely good shape to compete anywhere in the world, under any system, simply by finishing off the behaviors into the chains required for that organization.

Curious?  Read about Team here

Want to see the levels?  See those here

Want to take an online class at FDSA to help you learn the TEAM skills?  Check out our schedule here; (two classes are well suited; Clockwork by Deb Jones for more advanced dogs and TEAM 1 and 2 with Laura Waudby for the basics).  It’s worth noting that you do NOT have to be an FDSA student to register a dog or compete in TEAM.

Want to see our map and find some local training buddies or classes?  See that here – go ahead and add yourself if you’d like!

Want to talk to other people who are also playing in TEAM?  Join our Facebook page, Fenzi Team Players, here!

I’m excited.  Trying to be calm but hey….I’m excited!  I see obedience as a fun, cool and engaging sport to do with your dog – and I see TEAM as a huge step towards bringing new people in to our sport.

Please share this blog post with anyone who think might be interested.  And then start training your dog!