I recently discovered “Facebook live”.  So fun!!!!

Anyway, I asked for something to talk about, and the most popular topic was “Train the Dog in Front of You”  and how that might apply to Heeling.  I spoke for a while and then answered questions as they came in.

Here’s that video live feed.  It’s about 38 minutes long and addresses the topic of tailoring training to the individual dog.

I’ll be teaching heeling games at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy starting October 1st so if you’re interested, go ahead and get registered.  It will cost you $65, and you’ll probably learn quite a bit.

If you “follow” me on Facebook you’ll be able to catch live feeds here and there, and submit questions if you have any.  I have also done a large number of live feeds on the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Alumni Group on Facebook, so if you’re a student of FDSA make sure you ask to join the alumni group!