Recently I did eight days of unedited video with puppy Wink.  That unedited video compilation demonstrates how I choose to approach teaching play as an interactive and choice based game with relatively few rules.  You can see changes in her behavior over time.

Today Brito found a toy in the yard so now you can see “One day of Brito”

This session focused on switching between types of play (personal, toy and food play) for the fun of it.  I’m having a nice time with a nice dog.

Any time you are training, you can stop what you’re doing and simply enjoy your dog’s company.  Life is not one great big transaction unless you choose to make it one.

If you play with your dog, then you’ll likely see an enormous improvement in your training. Not because the dog “earned” the play but because you just became an interesting person to spend time with.

Take a moment to watch one of your recent training sessions.  Do you look like you’re fun to be with?  Do you want to be your dog?

Not a bad question to ask on occasion.