Last week I considered the pieces you would want to have in place to create the behavior chain called “drop on recall.”

This week I’m looking at the Retrieve on Flat.

Note that the foundation elements for the ROF exercise include the stay, the send, the automatic return, the release and the finish.  If you want to set your dog up success then each one needs to be in place before asking for a full retrieve.  Moreover, each of those pieces should be properly proofed before adding it to the chain, but that is beyond the scope of this particular blog.

Note that I test most of the elements with food.  That way if I’m not happy with how a piece turns out it will not affect the actual retrieve.

This video is unedited.

If you’d like, next I can take one foundation element and consider ways to proof it. I’m open to suggestions, so if you’d like to see how I proof a specific foundation piece, leave me a comment.

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