If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I’m passionate about cooking, and if you follow me here, then you know that I’m passionate about sharing information.  What you may not know is that I have a short attention span for most endeavors, roughly ten years, and I’ve been training dogs for a good deal longer than that.

Not long ago, I found myself scanning the April Schedule at FDSA, and of course I found dog training class after dog training class after dog training class.  How could we possibly have 35 dog training classes?  My God – hasn’t it all been said?

If I were inclined to head in a new direction, where might I go? If you’ve ever found yourself on Facebook, waiting for me to post your dinner recipe, then the answer should be blindingly obvious – I should go to my kitchen.  And to your kitchen.  I should share my knowledge so that we can all eat on a regular basis, not just on the days that I remember you’re waiting!

How about realizing my dream today?  Maybe…this evening?

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, then here’s what I offer this is unique to my approach to meal preparation:  I specialize is very simple recipes that anyone can follow, regardless of their level of cooking experience, dietary restrictions, or, frankly, what’s in your refrigerator or pantry.  My recipes can be customized for vegetarians, vegans, paleo’s, poor students, etc.

Yes.  I’m that good.

Obviously, I know how to start an online school, and cooking classes would be an easy and natural fit.  But what if instead of simply starting the Fenzi Cooking Academy…what if I were able to combine that idea with the current school for dog training?  We already know that feeding a dog creates a cheery and willing learner; what happens if we also feed the human?  What if a person could get their dog trained, fry up the bacon (including a vegan option), and build a solid relationship with the human family – all at the same time?!

What if my cooking school included recipes that could be fed to your dog?  And to your children? What if my cooking school offered such flexibility within those recipes that fat dogs could become thin, thin dogs could become fat, and all dogs could look better, live longer, and perform at their absolute best in competitions?

What if my school provided you with such outstanding relationship building recipes that all of your friends would want to eat your food so that you no longer felt lonely?  You found new friends at your door – simply to watch you cook – magnetized by the meals in the skillet?  What if those new classes had such an impact that your children learned to drive more easily and with fewer accidents?  Your chickens all came home to roost, your dogs stopped smelling, your teeth straightened, and your underwear re-emerged in their rightful place? Strangers started hugging each other on the street and new people found lasting romatic relationships – but only those who really wanted them?

What if????

What if politicians rose up to join hands, sang songs of peace, and did the right things for our country?  What would it take to realize this dream?

What if, indeed?????!!!!!!

So anyway, that’s what I’m working on for tonight.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

In the meantime, today is the first day of the April term at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Go get enrolled!

Have a lovely first day of April.