Heeling games are things that we do to increase our dog’s drive and enthusiasm for heeling.   Dogs can learn heeling games even if they have no heeling at all; indeed, probably the best time to teach heeling games is roughly when you are teaching precision heeling skills.

This video shows a very simple heeling game that is equally well-suited to an eight-week-old puppy as an experienced worker.  You can use this technique to “whip” a puppy into position OR use it to begin heel work with a fully trained dog who works better without formal starts.

This is one of the techniques that I will present in my Heeling Games webinar on Thursday night (July 5th) at 6 pm PT.

The cost is $19.95 for approximately one hour of formal presentation and an informal Q and A afterward.  You don’t have to attend live if that doesn’t work for you, but you do need to register before it runs since FDSA does not sell webinars “after the fact”.  If you want to watch it later, it will be waiting for you in your Webinar Library at FDSA.

You can read more about the webinar HERE and register HERE.

Grab a snack and a tasty drink and join me!  Oh, and your questions; bring those too!

In my next blog I’ll address the question…how does one add the games to formal work without ruining one’s heeling?