A few weeks ago I wrote a post about high drive dogs called ” why did he chew off his tail and break his teeth?”  I was asked several follow-up questions on Facebook, and I agreed to do a Facebook live (which you will find here) to discuss some of the following questions:

OCD Vs. Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors; Drives; what that means to different people; Breeding for drive vs. breeding for anxiety and movement; Movement versus stillness in relation to drives; Responses to punishment regarding stressing up and stressing down for working bred dogs versus the general pet population.

You can find that FB live here.  You may also wish to follow me on Facebook or follow the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Facebook page if you’d like to see more live video presentations.

After (or before!) you watch, you may also enjoy this learning quiz, to test your knowledge and maybe pick up something new:  Learning quiz

If you’re struggling with arousal and a High Drive dog, check out this class for next term: Optimal Arousal; Consent and the Working Dog