I admit it. I’m a little obsessive about dog training treats.   Not so much what goes into them, as in figuring out how to make the perfect one. And I just might have it. Training Taffy.

Check out the following Facebook live:

Improvements since I did the Facebook live include:

Add the flavor first (liverwurst, peanut butter, etc.) and then add about half the flour. Keep adding flour until you have the correct texture – not dry or wet – it should feel like very fresh play dough and be quite easy to work with.

To blend, you can use a food processor, bread machine (knead only), or a mixer. You simply need the correct dough-making attachment.

Flavors to try that seem to work well include peanut butter (warmed in microwave to make it softer), liverwurst, or almost any meat that you can grind up fine in a blender.   You can change the color of the final treat by what you choose to put in it, so if you want the treats lighter in color try things like cream cheese, and if you want them darker than try red meats.   If the meat is too dry, add a little oil.

If you try other flour options (oat, rice, etc.) or other flavors, let me know in the comments what does or does not work for you!  I’ve already been told that oat flour works quite well.

Have fun!