A few years ago I developed a simple protocol for dogs who are “hyper greeters.”

Hyper greeters are not just friendly and enthusiastic dogs.  They are dogs who show an extreme lack of impulse control in the presence of people, and as a result they get in a lot of trouble! They inadvertently hurt people, get yelled at a lot, and over time develop worse and worse behavior when they approach.

And while it often looks happy, if you look closely you’ll see plenty of anxiety mixed in with their frantic approach.   These dogs are out of control and not happy at all.

If this sounds like your dog, take a look at this video. Maybe it will help.

A word of warning…this solution is absolutely not appropriate for dogs who approach extremely fast out of fear rather than out of excitement.   If you have a dog who approaches fast and enthusiastically right up into someone’s face and then backs up woowoo’ing, you have a different issue. This is not the solution for you and indeed, could well make the matter worse.

Give it a shot!