Yes!  I cowrote this one, “Blogger Dog Buffy!” with my friend Brenda Weeks.  However, because it’s about Brenda and her service dog Buffy, and because I consider myself more of an assistant than the author of the book, I am going to direct you to her blog.  There you will have an opportunity to learn more about the book, follow her blog, and become as charmed by Brenda and Buffy as I am!

This book is an incredibly valuable resource that should find a space on many bookshelves.  While it is written to a younger audience, ideally between kindergarten and fourth grade, I can promise that you will enjoy learning about how a service dog is raised and trained.

I hope you will consider sharing this book with any of your friends who you believe might benefit.  In particular if you know someone with a service dog, direct them to this book.  People with service dogs struggle to encourage appropriate behavior from the general public, and I would like to believe that this book can help with that.

Click the link below to learn more or click here to see a preview of pages or purchase on Amazon!