I am going to make an impassioned plea for why you should take my leadership webinar tomorrow night, Thursday at 3pm PT. All of you! But I’ll settle for a portion

If you ask questions about what to do under a variety of circumstances that involve your dog feeling unsure or behaving badly then you need this webinar.

What I do is break down how you should respond under a variety of circumstances into two main categories. Structure the dog or offer choice. I tell you exactly what you should consider when making each choice, so that you can have a successful resolution. I give you specific training steps that you can do in advance, along with ways to handle “stuff” in the moment. You could watch this webinar several times and still pick up new things each time.

It is incredibly important to me that handlers exhibit sureness when their dog needs them. In my mind, it is the number one most important thing you can do. The most important thing!

I have worked very very hard to make this webinar accessible to anyone who wants to do better in this regard. Beginner or experienced trainer.

If you find yourself struggling with how to handle your dog outside of formal set ups, take this webinar. It will help. If your dog is reactive then take this webinar. If your dog is fearful then take this webinar. If you are socializing a new puppy and want to make good choices then take this webinar. If your dog has meltdowns at the dog show then take this webinar. If you are a professional trainer trying to help your students then take this webinar. If life takes you by surprise and you stand there not knowing what to do, then you, more than anyone, need to take this webinar!

This webinar will help you. I promise!

If you cannot attend live that’s okay. Β The recording will be placed in your FDSA webinar library. Β  If you already have an FDSA account with us then make sure you are logged in before you purchase the webinar. If you do not have an account then all is well. It will automatically be created for you when you purchase.

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