Fenzi Dog Sports Academy started a new program called the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – Pet Professionals Program (FDSA-PPP). Feel free to go check out the FDSA-PPP website here. Reviews so far have been wildly enthusiastic, so find out for yourself why that might be!

So what is it?

FDSA-PPP is designed to provide professional and hobby pet dog trainers with excellent information about a wide range of dog behavior and training issues that are commonly addressed by pet professionals.

Each topic is covered in a one hour video lecture.   You have one week to practice the materials, and then you are welcome to submit homework which includes a quiz and often a video which will be reviewed by the instructor for the entire class to learn from. Of course it’s optional to submit homework, but it’s a great way to enhance your learning.

At $29.95 per workshop, this is an unbeatable way to expand your skill set.

You can work your way through the entire program if you want a comprehensive dog trainer’s education, or pick and choose workshops that you feel meet your needs at this time. We offer three workshops per week, released on Sunday. Today is Sunday! So feel free to check out what we are offering this week.

You can register (or learn more) about any of those workshops at the following link:


The FDSA-PPP  workshops are an excellent addition for any dog trainer,  regardless of current skill set or where you may have gotten your knowledge. It never hurts to learn a little more, and I think you will find that our instructors provide current and interesting exercises, games and approaches to common problems.

We hope you enjoy the program and take a moment to tell your friends about it who might benefit!