I was asked about my handling in my last blog.  What was wrong with it?

I’m not aligned.  I was trying to stay in camera range so my head (gaze), shoulders and feet aren’t aligned.

Here’s the video to refresh your memory:

And…here’s a still shot of me from this video – it’s no good!  My head and shoulders tell him we’re going left.  My middle says straight ahead and my feet say we’re going to the right.  Fortunately Brito is quick and compensates for me, mostly, and on we go.  Which is fine and the right thing to do.  My handling is not his problem.

I need to fix it, bring him back, and give it another shot.  Here’s a video taken an hour later, with special attention to my handling:

And… a still pulled out of this second video – see how much more tightly my head, shoulders and feet and aligned to what I am actually doing?  (Going to the right):

Now, go back and watch both videos and you’ll see how much cleaner the entire picture is.

Such a simple thing – careful handling.  Makes a difference!  And – I maintain good energy and flow throughout.