I got a new puppy yesterday. With COVID turning the world upside down, it was quite a Dicey Proposition getting him here and now that is his name – Dicey Proposition of Sprite-Wildrose – call name Dice.

Here’s a video of his first training session, done via FB live:

Huge thank you to his breeder, Dawn Kundert of WIldrose, for raising such an exceptional puppy!

I don’t have much draw back to the AKC obedience ring, but I’m very much hoping that he grows up with the right temperament for Mondio Ringsport (which is like French Ring but different). I did Raika’s MondioRing 1 title and loved every minute of the training.  Unfortunately we started when she was too old to continue and even if we had started earlier I wouldn’t say she had quite the right temperament for it.  Let’s see about this little one.

I love this puppy to pieces.  I hope you enjoy following along!