Yesterday I did another FaceBook live with Dice.  I’ve been doing about five or more a week since I got him six weeks ago.

That is going to start wrapping up now.  Going forwards it’s mostly “more of the same”, plus more work away from home, plus behavior work that needs attention.  (If you get a high drive dog then you get a package – that generally means various bits and pieces of problematic behavior to work through – I’ll talk about those bits over time.)

I asked people to tell me what they learned from the series of lives and got some great feedback.  I’lll use those comments to provide fodder for blogs over the next couple of months.

In the meantime, here’s that FaceBook live.

Don’t worry.  I’ll keep doing lives and videos so you can watch his progress, but not quite as regularly.  I hope you’re enjoying watching him grow up!  He’s a phenomenal puppy and I really am having a great time with him.

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