There is nothing like the excitement of adding a four-legged friend to your family. The anticipation of waiting for a new puppy from a breeder, or the first meet and greet with an adult dog from a local rescue are sure to bring joy to the entire family. You envision your new pal lying quietly at the hearth while you read the newest bestseller in your chair nearby. Long, peaceful walks through the countryside are imminent as you both enjoy the solitude of the great outdoors. Without fail, your new pup brings back the ball every time you throw it at the local park. 

As with most things in life though, our expectations rarely match reality. Instead of quiet evenings and peaceful walks, your 60 lb. beast claws his way onto your lap to grab your book and play “Can’t Catch Me!” You have sprained your wrist as the new puppy wraps the leash around your ankles and sends you toppling into the bushes on the wilderness trail, and when you threw the ball at the park, your new best friend headed off to join the wedding party at the other end of the park. 

You are not alone. Whether you intend to have a companion pet in your home, or you are embarking on a journey to compete in the dog sports world, everyone experiences the sometimes magical, often chaotic adventure of their new dog. The initial step to re-aligning your vision with reality is to locate resources, guides, and mentors to help set you up for success in building a strong, positive relationship with your companion. 

Blogger Dog, Brito! Is the perfect book to offer your family a dog’s perspective on what a new dog may be experiencing as they enter your lives. Like you, your dog may be excited about this opportunity to join your family, but his past experiences will have created expectations of what’s to come. Brito tells his story in such a way as to provide a guideline to meeting the physical, emotional, and mental needs for a new dog or puppy. Blogger Dog, Brito! may be geared toward the younger members, but he is sure to bring laughter to the entire family as you learn to fall in love with the “specialness” of your own, unique pup. 

After accepting your new reality with the help of Brito, you are ready to take control of your own destiny by teaching your dog how to interact with the world. Beyond the Backyard is a training plan that works in real-life situations and goes beyond basic manners. With a firm grasp on how dogs learn, you will be ready to reclaim that notion of blissful companionship.

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