Okay; this is big news.

I have a new fiction novel coming out about my life with Raika and it’s currently available for pre-order!  I’ll talk more about the book here on my blog soon, but for now….how about a podcast that describes our story?

I hope you’ll take a listen here:

Conversations with Raika Podcast with Denise

Looks good?  You can order worldwide; check this link for pre-orders worldwide.  Pre-orders are signed, include a bookmark and, in the US, are at a discounted price.

This book is special to me.  Very very special.  Our dogs are so much more than their competition careers; they are our friends.  If you’re reading this blog then you will appreciate this book, and you may well want to give it to your dog-focused friends as a holiday gift.  To make that easier, a five-pack is available at a significant discount.

Purchase Raika’s book via pre-order