The secret to teaching a dog to back up straight is…

reward placement.

Throw the food to where the dog is supposed to back up to – where they happen to be is irrelevant.

Check the angle of your feet – that sets the line of travel and also determines where you will throw the reward – food or toy.

Check where you are looking – you should look where you want the dog to be, regardless of where the dog decides to go.

Now – first teach your dog to back up a few steps, however you want to do that.

When that is solid, add in the idea of “Straight”

And straight is a function of reward placement, the orientation of your body and your gaze.

Check out this video.  My feet face the cone.  I want my dog to back towards the cone.  When he veers I ignore that behavior and toss the treat towards the cone -where he is supposed to be.

He gets better!  With time, he’ll get better still.

Give it a shot.  If you throw TO your dog, you’re reinforcing their choice to go wherever their feet take them.  Give them a reason to back up straight – the reinforcer goes straight.