Here is another one-minute compilation of skills – I call these “Drills” because I probably did each of them a few times before moving on, they are super quick and fluid, and I am likely to reinforce close to every effort.

This was pulled from a session of about eight minutes and I barely moved from that one spot except for a couple of jumps.  Eight minutes is a lot of time if you keep moving.

Dice is coming up on a year of age and he knows a tremendous amount for a young dog.  On his birthday I’ll have to try and figure out what all that is….a daunting task.

He’s truly a join to train.  A pain in the butt to live with but hey…life has tradeoffs, and we’re working on those life skills!

Anyway, here’s a super fast-paced video for you.  If you’re struggling with a basic skill then you might find something in here that will give you ideas.