I’ll be teaching two webinars for Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) on Thursday evening.  Consider these webinars if:

Your dog struggles to engage with your training plans the second you step out of the house.

Your dog struggles to maintain engagement if there is no cookie or toy readily available to magnetize them to the work.

Your dog works, but chronically checks in and out of focus – multitasking throughout the session.

Your dog gives 10 times more effort at home than anywhere else.

You’re frustrated with your role as a cheerleader, always working to “happy” your dog into a better attitude.

The Staged to Engage webinar is basically “pre-engagement”, and is about raising your puppy or new dog in a way that makes the desire to work with you very strong in the future, as a function of your day to day choices as your dog grows up and develops a relationship with you.

The Engagement 2.0 webinar is for any dog that is destined for dog sports.  It will be particularly useful if you find yourself occasionally frustrated because of the issues I brought up above – your dog struggles to either begin or maintain solid work and engagement, especially when alternatives interests arrive to derail you!

After each webinar, there will be ample opportunity to ask questions about the materials.  The webinars are stored in your library at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy so you can watch them later if you’re not available to join me live. Each webinar costs $19.95

Register here.

Hope to see many of you there!  I really do value the opportunity to connect with dog sports competitors who are passionate about their dogs and dog sports.

Watch this short video of my young dog, Dice, to help you better understand the process of Engagement: