Come visit my new business:!

The High Drive Dog subscription service is all about your driven dogs – the ones you love for their intensity and enthusiasm!  And, sometimes you wish they would just…

Calm down.  Slow down.  Gve the toy back. Stop treating the entire world like their personal playground, at your expense.

Join a group of individuals who love their high drive dogs and who want to bring out the best in them.  Here we’ll talk about all the things!  Gaining cooperation.  Balancing drives and control.  Raising a dog who tends towards overarousal – and then seems to get stuck there.

At this time there are three classrooms open.

  1. All of my FB and IG lives where I discuss everything from recognizing your dog’s emotional state to determining the best training for your individual dog.
  2. My edited and subtitled videos detailing my daily behavior work with Dice in public.  See how I address his high levels of arousal in relation to dogs, cars, people, wildlife, etc. Ask questions in a safe space with others who share your struggles.
  3. And now…my current (daily) work with Dice – whatever is the focus on the day!  These topics may be obedience-focused (How am I addressing his forging in heeling?), impulse control work (brain games!), really good training (building up a behavior chain via foundation behaviors strung together), and a whole lot more!  Your target sport is not relevant – good training is good training.

Eventually, ALL of his puppy videos will also be uploaded so you’ll have a chance to see exactly how I taught every. little. thing.  They will be unedited. So – how does one handle the errors?  The frustrating days when the puppy is running wild? Out of control?

Oh – community!  I forgot to mention that but it’s big because – you’re not alone.  Even if you’re frustrated and embarrassed by your dog – you’re not alone.  Here you can join a community of people who understand what it’s like to raise a dog who might be prone to over-aroused or creative behavior, or simply take this opportunity to chat with other folks who thrive on the same kind of dog that you do – high energy,high arousal, driven, and a whole lot of dog.

At this time we have two focused communities.  One is specific to dogs with Big Feelings! And the other is for discussions about raising and training a high drive dog.

The program opened about a week ago, so this is the perfect time to join. Several videos are open for discussion and the community is getting to know each other – one dog at a time!

Tuition is $9.95, renewed monthly. Scholarships are available.