Today I worked a little heeling (not shown), and putting some pieces of the moving stand together, along with adding a bit of endurance to our contact heeling.

Steps for moving stand.  This will set up for for the AKC stand out of motion where a hand signal is allowed but for AKC my left hand would need to move to my waist.  For IGP (Schutzhund) I would keep that arm position but eliminate the hand signal. Since I have no particular plans to compete in either AKC or IGP, I’m mostly doing this to entertain myself as I prepare for my sport, Mondioring.

The more you teach and train, the better!  It keeps your dog thinking and engaged.

Teach stand
Teach stay
Teach stand/stay with toy behind
Teach the right hand across body signal = back up/pivot
Teach the stand verbal cue at end of back up/pivot
add slow pace forward heeling to the hand signal with verbal cue with reward placement behind.
That’s as far as we’ve gotten.

Next, we’ll add speed.

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