If you struggle with getting a release off of toys or bite objects, or if you just want a sophisticated look at a dog‘s motivation around toys via fight, possession, prey (chase) behavior, and getting cooperation (release or toy return), watch this video.

Obviously, this video is about Xen. The ranking order that matters to Xen may well be different for your dog. But having a good idea of what factors matter to your dog; which of your choices lead to a clean release vs. possessive behavior…are going to be most of the battle if you are trying to balance the dog’s interests. For the biting sports, I want calm possession, chase (Prey), and fight. I want Xen to be able to listen, whether holding an object or otherwise. And I want a clean release.

The more accurately I identify which choices are in conflict versus which choices reinforce each other, the less conflict there will be in our training overall.