I know, I said I’d do a better job keeping up my blog.  What can I say?  I suck.

Anyway, Xen is coming up on his one-year birthday!  He’s making really nice progress in his training.  The following video shows training for “object guard”.

His job is to prevent me from taking the object. My job is to…steal it! I can try and intimidate him with noises, carry obstacles, pivot, go backward, etc.  He has to wait until..well.  It depends on what you choose to train. I am teaching him to bite when I’m within a meter.  And then he needs to release on his own when I stop moving in or if I begin to back away, and then…we do it again.

He has a pretty good clue about this exercise with a toy – now I’m adding a bite suit.  I also cue him to bite if he doesn’t do it on his own, especially with the suit, since I don’t want him worrying about getting him right.  He’ll get there eventually.