Denise Fenzi’s


The weed people

When I was a kid, my mom used to rage about people who had weeds growing in their gardens.  Those weeds go to seed and those seeds get blown around the neighborhood, leaving my mom's pristine garden a hapless victim. Weeds in her garden were the result of...

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Philosophy or behavior?

You had a bad training day. You got angry. You yanked at your dog, jerked them around a little bit and generally behaved badly. Ugly stuff. What happens now? One answer is to blame the dog. The dog deserved it. The dog is stubborn and hard. There is no other way to...

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Cue Discrimination

For the new AKC Cue Discrimination Exercise, your goal will be to teach your dog to listen to a specific position cue like sit, down or stand without creeping towards you. How might you accomplish that? First I would suggest separating out the challenges. 1, Listening...

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Do words matter?

Do words affect our thoughts, feelings, and responsive actions? If I "cue" you to sit in a chair, what is your reaction? What is the language that suggests a cue? What relationship might we build from there? If I "direct" you to sit in a chair, what is your reaction?...

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FDSA Podcasts. Free!

I like playing with dogs.  I also like writing. I do not like reinventing the wheel so rather than writing about play, I'm going to encourage you to listen to a conversation on that topic. Yesterday I was interviewed for a 30-minute podcast for FDSA on the topic of...

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