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Five simple tricks for reducing trial stress

Actually these five simple tricks will also reduce stress in classes, so if your dog's stress starts there then read on! First, Allow your dog to acclimate to the area.   The days of crating your dog and not letting them look around unless they are actively working...

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Pet Professionals Program is off and running!

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy started a new program called the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy – Pet Professionals Program (FDSA-PPP). Feel free to go check out the FDSA-PPP website here. Reviews so far have been wildly enthusiastic, so find out for yourself why that might be! So...

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Technology and No Reward Markers (NRM’s)

Technology and no reward markers (NRM's) I drive two cars. Each one has a GPS installed. Both cars are a huge improvement over having a spouse direct my driving. I mean, having my husband yell, “Left, left! Your other left!" after I have passed the intersection? Not...

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Leadership revisited

I am going to make an impassioned plea for why you should take my leadership webinar tomorrow night, Thursday at 3pm PT. All of you! But I'll settle for a portion 🙂 If you ask questions about what to do under a variety of circumstances that involve your dog feeling...

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Free coaching advice!

I was recently involved in a discussion on Facebook about coaching. Specifically, ways that we can coach people which are palatable, effective, and don't hurt feelings unnecessarily.  A few folks wanted to share it but it was posted inside of a closed group, so I'm...

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