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Dice is eight months old

I'm having a blast training this dog!  He's full-on teenager right now and not the easiest to manage but he's a hard worker and a whole lot of fun! Plus he's handsome.  Here, you can see for yourself:  

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Socialization in the world of COVID

With many of us staying home these days, many people have considered getting a puppy. Of course, the very first question that comes to mind is, “How will I socialize them?  Will they become shy or aggressive if they are unable to directly interact with strangers?” I...

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Progress via complexity

I often talk about adding "complexity" to training.  When I say complexity, I mean adding something, anything, that is a little bit different or new than what you did the last time you worked with your dog. In heeling that could be going a few steps further, placing a...

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Personal Play with a mouthy dog

Dogs that love to work and to play tug (bite!) can be a challenge in the world of personal play.  The might enjoy the contact but they find the delay between the start of training and an opportunity to win a favored toy to be frustrating. This is no problem.  I still...

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Mental Frameworks for training

When you're working with a dog, you can start your approach with different mental frameworks, and any of them is likely to get you where you want to go. You can focus on the observable behavior, the emotions that underly that observable behavior, or the arousal level....

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