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Recording of “Ask Me Anything” Webinar

Last week I did a free "Ask Me Anything" webinar for anyone who wanted to show up! The questions covered include barking or noise during work, focus in heeling, pivots and pocket hand, teaching handler scent discrimination/articles, loose leash walking via the circle...

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Balance! Strive for balance!

If you have followed this blog over time you may have noticed themes that might feel contradictory. On one end of the scale I talk about emotions and relationships. Developing warm and playful interactions with your dog. Creating a relationship so that your learner...

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Crispness and anxiety: Is there a relationship?

I'm on a roll with this crispness topic! I have talked about the importance of being crisp in training.  Crispness provides clarity to our dogs which in turn reduces frustration and allows our dogs to feel confident in their situation.   I want my dogs to know when...

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Free. New. Worth your while. Why not?

It is common for individuals to struggle in the space between basic manners for a dog and understanding the underlying science and more sophisticated training concepts required of both professional trainers and sport dog enthusiasts.   FDSA-PPP is trying to help with...

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