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Are you contributing to your dog’s reactivity?

Imagine this:   you are observing a human parent. Every time another child or adult approaches their child, the parent pulls their child back and yells at the other parent to get the approaching child away, or maybe they pick their own child up or run off. They react...

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Leadership is not a dirty word

If you question what to do when your dog is feeling unsure or behaving badly in life or competition settings then you need the "Re-defining Leadership" webinar I'm teaching on Thursday at 6pm PT. I have taught this webinar a few times (see how important it is to me?!)...

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What was wrong with the handling in the last blog?

I was asked about my handling in my last blog.  What was wrong with it? I'm not aligned.  I was trying to stay in camera range so my head (gaze), shoulders and feet aren't aligned. Here's the video to refresh your memory:'s a still shot of me from this...

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Differentiating and applying “types” of training

In my mind, training divides up into a few rough types - and I treat them differently.   Competition training is focused on achieving very specific behaviors performed in a very specific way.  I don't want my dog doing much guessing about what I want, so I tend to...

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How does one create flow?

My last blog was about keeping your feet moving and getting your exercises to flow together.  Here's a short video taken for Instagram (has to be one minute! I failed!) - of flow in heeling.  What to look for: Feet are moving.  Everyone's because that's the way...

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