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Car Socialization

As a result of COVID, most of us with new puppies are finding creative ways to get our puppies out and about - seeing the world and having positive experiences - without actually seeing the world. Tricky, no? Anyway, I found an approach that is so superior to what I...

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Dice is now 14 weeks old

Yesterday I did another FaceBook live with Dice.  I've been doing about five or more a week since I got him six weeks ago. That is going to start wrapping up now.  Going forwards it's mostly "more of the same", plus more work away from home, plus behavior work that...

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Want a fantastic recall?

This is a video of Dice at 12 weeks of age - That's a recall! Here is how I got it: I started at 9 weeks of age.  At that age, most puppies are well aware that they need you and come back quickly and easily.  Start at 8 weeks if you can!  I only whistled when he was...

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Tired. So very tired

Puppies are a lot of work. I know that; this isn't my first rodeo.  But the piece I had forgotten was the "wearing down" part.  Where you are consistent!  The first day.  The second day. And then around Day three, you find yourself letting a few small...

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Getting the release from a toy

Is your dog great about biting a toy but doesn't let go?  This is Dice's second lesson on the skill of releasing a toy - give it a shot! Follow me (Denise Fenzi) on Facebook if you want to see his daily training live, and ask questions if...

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