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A fast paced game to increase “listening”

This is the doggy version of Simon Says - on speed.  We are working on position changes. This exercise will help with cue discrimination for AKC open obedience, the out of motion exercises for IPO, position changes for Mondio or French ring, etc. Games are my favorite...

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Position changes without forward motion

I'm working on Dice's position changes and have been for a few months now. Getting consistent position changes without forward motion can be a challenge, especially in Mondio ring where the dog will be placed quite far away from me and distractions will be a part of...

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The secret to training a dog to back up straight

The secret to teaching a dog to back up straight is... reward placement. Throw the food to where the dog is supposed to back up to - where they happen to be is irrelevant. Check the angle of your feet - that sets the line of travel and also determines where you will...

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Dice – 9 months of age

I have good intentions to write regularly about Dice's progress and then life happens. Anyway, here's an unedited clip of Dice working at nine months of age.  If you're working cue discrimination or drop on recall you'll get some ideas here to prevent creeping, via...

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Start of Drop on Recall

The drop on recall requires 1) a solid understanding of your drop cue and 2) the ability to process that cue in motion. You can do this at several levels of detail, depending on the needs of your dog.  To see this exercise broken down into tiny bits, most appropriate...

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