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Your dog made an error. What do I do RIGHT NOW?!

You cued your dog to something and your dog did something else.  Or maybe your dog did absolutely nothing at all.  Now what? If you stand and wait quietly then you are teaching your dog that silence means they are wrong, or maybe you will teach your dog that whenever...

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Rally, Utility Obedience, and IPO…on Instagram!

I found Instagram a couple of months ago. I don't know if this is a good thing or not but I have found that it is incredibly easy to create a 30 or 60 second video clip and upload it directly. So I do.   Which does not mean I am not going to post here or on Facebook,...

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Five simple tricks for reducing trial stress

Actually these five simple tricks will also reduce stress in classes, so if your dog's stress starts there then read on! First, Allow your dog to acclimate to the area.   The days of crating your dog and not letting them look around unless they are actively working...

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