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Why did he chew off his tail and break his teeth?

Are you familiar with serious working dogs? The ones who will play ball until they drop of heat stroke? Hang onto a bite suit in spite of intense and repeated external punishment to make them let go? Complete the retrieve of a shot bird even though they broke their...

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The future of progressive dog training

In the not so distant past, most of us considered pressure to be physical, in particular in relation to our dogs but also in relation to our children.  Dog won't sit on cue?  Push the dog's rear end down and pull up on the collar.  Dog doesn't come when called?  Drag...

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I recently offered a quiz about "all things Fenzi and FDSA style training" on the FDSA Facebook business page.   I tested general dog knowledge along with training tips that are rather specific to me.  I'd like to talk about one of the questions and the resulting...

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The Power of Habit, Part 2

In my last blog I discussed the role of habit in our dog's lives.  I focused on habits in relation to house rules and not to performance dog training and that was on purpose.  Now I'm going to switch gears a little because I often want my dog consciously engaged in...

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Problem Solving: Straight positions at heel

One of the exercises in Level 2 of the on-line TEAM obedience program requires that the dog demonstrate position changes (sit, down and stand)  in correct heel position.  While most dog-handler teams eventually master the position themselves, many teams struggle to...

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