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Book resources for your pet dog

There is nothing like the excitement of adding a four-legged friend to your family. The anticipation of waiting for a new puppy from a breeder, or the first meet and greet with an adult dog from a local rescue are sure to bring joy to the entire family. You envision...

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Cooperation and Control

Cooperation and Control Imagine This. A small child walks over and holds out his toy car for you to admire. You reach out, pick it up, and…. You put it in your pocket. How cooperative do you think that child is going to be with you in the future? We do things like...

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Clarity within learning

Let's consider the idea of Clarity within the teaching process itself - once learning has begun. If you think about it for a moment, true clarity, the dog being clear on what is required, is impossible with a trainee. If the dog knew what you wanted you wouldn't be...

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My favorite heeling game

This is the most basic heeling game that I work with my own dogs, and I work it a lot. For life. Every move is followed by its opposite. So....hard control to the inside (left pivot) is followed by a fast spin the opposite way (effectively a right or about turn)....

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