Denise Fenzi’s


Assertive? Passive? Dominant? Hierarchies? Ai!

Let's talk about how dogs live together in families. I mean groups of dogs within a home. I will not call it a pack because that is inaccurate and causes people to say and do some odd things. According to the dictionary, a pack of animals refers to a "group of wild...

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The 90%er

I am a 90%er. That means I put out content at about a 90% level of "finished".  If you choose to look for them you'll find spelling errors, questionable sentences and possibly thoughts that are not fully fleshed out.  You will also find a whole lot of content,...

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A friend of mine went to see an in person trainer - an excellent trainer; I know her well. That trainer then recommended a specific exercise to my friend - an exercise that I never do. Indeed, an exercise that I had advised our mutual client not to do when she asked...

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A five-minute read to raising a puppy positively

You just got a new puppy. Cute and wiggly!  Congratulations! You plan to start puppy classes soon, but what should you do right now? I mean, the puppy is chewing on you!  Jumping on your guests!  Getting in the trash!  Should you wait for puppy class? No, you should...

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