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Keep the feet moving! Get those exercises flowing!

  Keeping your dog engaged in training can be a challenge. Food is fine, toys are fine and picking work that dogs like is fine too.  Now, in addition, consider this simple phrase: 'Keep the feet moving!" Who's feet are we talking about? It doesn't matter much but...

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Over threshold

What does it mean when we say a dog is "over threshold?" It means the dog is over the optimal level of arousal to learn or perform. As with all terminology, the exact meaning will vary according to the culture you are speaking within. A person in the protection sports...

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Learning. Teaching. Doing.

I have a story (it gets to dogs in the end): My husband was a patient in a teaching hospital this past week. That means doctors at various stages of training spend time learning on him - with varying degrees of competence and success. One set of particularly...

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Making Time

Life is busy right now.  That happens - life being busy.  It's hard to keep up.  Priorities have to be made and then one goes from there. This blog?  I can put it aside.  This post?  Short and sweet! - Time....time is the issue. Once upon a time, dogs did their own...

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Imagine this: You're walking your leashed dog on a trail and you see a leashed dog approaching.  The owner tenses, pulls the dog to their side, and starts a string of random phrases aimed at their dog along the lines of "Leave it.  No.  Uh huh!" etc. You've seen it...

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