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Start of Drop on Recall

The drop on recall requires 1) a solid understanding of your drop cue and 2) the ability to process that cue in motion. You can do this at several levels of detail, depending on the needs of your dog.  To see this exercise broken down into tiny bits, most appropriate...

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Eight month update

Dice is a pleasure to train.  I haven't kept up as well here on my blog as I would have liked, but I am training daily and having a lot of fun doing it! Here's our morning session.  What strikes me above all is the importance of keeping him in the game.  If he's...

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Dice is eight months old

I'm having a blast training this dog!  He's full-on teenager right now and not the easiest to manage but he's a hard worker and a whole lot of fun! Plus he's handsome.  Here, you can see for yourself:  

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Socialization in the world of COVID

With many of us staying home these days, many people have considered getting a puppy. Of course, the very first question that comes to mind is, “How will I socialize them?  Will they become shy or aggressive if they are unable to directly interact with strangers?” I...

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