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Training with Classical and Operant Conditioning

Today is all about the video! I did a Facebook live yesterday on teaching with both classical and operant conditioning - both are valuable! Trainers tend to think in terms of operant conditioning - an "if/then" statement where the dog recognizes how their choice leads...

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  Come visit my new business:! The High Drive Dog subscription service is all about your driven dogs - the ones you love for their intensity and enthusiasm!  And, sometimes you wish they would just... Calm down.  Slow down.  Gve the toy...

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Crooked fronts? Try this simple drill

Straight and close fronts for dog sports competitions can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Some dogs sit too far back; they feel the pressure of our bodies and they want to avoid it, so they hang out just a bit further away than we want them.  Or maybe they...

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A few early puppy training lessons

There are many ways to start a puppy or young dog on the early skills required for dog sports.  This video demonstrates two useful things - 'choosing' to work and the start of heel work. In this video, puppy Kismet (11 week old Dutch Shepherd) and her mom are having...

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