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Developing Foundation Skills

Not sure what foundation skills to teach your new puppy or dog that is destined for dog sports? Here is a recent Facebook live on the topic. I explain what I teach and why I teach it.  It applies to all dog sports, so take a look if you need some inspiration about...

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The Quick Fix

I recently saw a meme that talked about separation anxiety.   The owner dressed up a "lookalike" human dummy and left it with her dog.   It kept the dog company. The dog's behavior improved.   He began to relax when the owner was not home. It's not hard for me to see...

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Reactive dogs in Mexico

This is a rather poorly named post because there were no reactive dogs in Mexico. Not one. Not one snark. Not one growl. Not one lunge.   Moreover, the dogs at the conference where I taught looked perfectly happy and relaxed. So many new friends to play with!  All...

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Wait. I’m not the perfect trainer?

I got the following response to a recent blog: "I'm pretty sure I've heard YOU use No Reward Markers in your training." I have no idea how to respond to that. You should see what I do when a squirrel cuts across the front of my house and all three dogs go careening...

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To reinforce or not to reinforce, that is the question

Today I was reviewing a video for one of my online classes. The student was aware of three specific criteria to be met before she would reinforce with a cookie.  Everything was going great! And then, right in the middle of her training session, her cat walked through....

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