Denise Fenzi’s


Eight days of Wink

Have you seen this video? It's about 2 1/2 hours of unedited training with a puppy who was visiting me last year.  There is a ton to be gleaned from this so if you have some free time go ahead and take a look. I explain in the Youtube description what I cover in the...

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A “good enough” dog person

I read an article today called The Good Enough Parent is the Best Parent. Feel free to take a look.  The gist of the article is that perfection is a bit of a curse. The author, Dr. Peter Gray, writes (quoting another...gets complicated here...)  "Perfection is not...

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Reducing Possession for Tug Toys

You read about dogs who don't play tug and you shake your head. Dogs that don't play tug? That makes no sense because your dog has never seen a tug toy he didn't love.  As a matter of fact, he loves them so much that he doesn't bring them back - pretty much...ever....

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