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Is movement or stillness the solution?

I'm a huge fan of allowing a dog to take in an area before you begin to train. This is particularly true if your dog tends toward a more nervous temperament or if they are easily overwhelmed by the world. So how, exactly, do you allow your dog to take in the training...

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Habit by Enforcement or Management

In my last blog I talked about developing habits in your dog at a very early age so that eventually, specific bad behaviors don’t even occur to your dog. Let’s look at an example. I spent the past week with a friend and her 10-month-old Spaniel at a mutual friend’s...

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The Power of Habit, Part 1

Each day I wake up, go into the kitchen to feed the dogs, head to my computer where I clear my email and do a few routine tasks, take a shower, etc. The first hour or two of my day I think very little because my behaviors are largely driven by habit. Habits make life...

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A Correction: To make sorry or make right?

In general, the verb "correct"  means to make something right after an error is identified. Most of us perceive it as a learning opportunity but with some emotional baggage attached.   For example, if your teacher corrects you repeatedly in a short period of time then...

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Structure your learner for success

Before you teach, you need to create a plan that will allow for a successful teaching situation. When your learner is engaged and happy and wants to be with you, training is easy. It only takes a few minutes to communicate new ideas effectively if the learner is...

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