Denise Fenzi’s


Handling training sabotage

You're working on your dog's polite greetings and your neighbor encourages your dog to jump enthusiastically on her chest.  You want your dog to wait politely at the door but your spouse allows them to rush out willy-nilly.  Your reactive dog is struggling with...

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The freedom to choose: A blessing or a curse?

Imagine this. You've got a young woman preparing for a party. It's her first one. She's incredibly nervous, so rather than doing productive things to prepare, she's moving around the house, a little wild eyed, picking things up to start one project but then putting it...

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect

In a nutshell, the Dunning-Kruger effect says that experts tend to overestimate the ability of others to do what they can do, and novices tend to overestimate their ability to do what they really can do. For dog trainers, this is bad news because it means that the...

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The art of integration

Some time ago I started experimenting with incorporating circles into loose leash walking training.   I asked everyone I could get my hands on to try it, tell me what happened, and to show me videos whenever possible. When I felt confident about what I was seeing then...

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Risk: Reason or perception?

Do your dogs play fetch?   Do you walk them off leash?   Do they play together unsupervised? What do they eat or get for toys?    Are they crated when you're not home? You know there is a one in a thousand chance that your dog will get a given disease or get hurt...

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