Denise Fenzi’s


Raika 05/24/04 – 10/15/19

Raika, you were special the day you were born. Always there. Always willing. Always giving more than I ever expected or hoped for. Always by my side - watching me. Waiting. For so many years, I loved you for all that you gave to me. Then it was time for you to retire...

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Finding balance: Choice and Structure

Choice is the degree to which we allow our canine learner to choose their direction, ideally with an understanding of all possible consequences. "Do you want your nails clipped? If you opt in then you will get cookies. You will also get your nails clipped. If you opt...

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What is drive?   The terms high-Drive and Low-Drive  are commonly used in the dog sports world, but almost never in the behavior world.  Presumably that is because these terms lack any real definition. Dog-sports people are along the lines of, "I know it when I see...

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Reconsidering Acclimation and Engagement

I talk quite a bit about acclimation and teaching dogs to opt in to work via engagement training.   I love it!  Here’s why. Once dogs have had their basic curiosity about a working space satisfied they are much more able to focus on what we are doing together. This is...

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Experience: how much is enough?

I'm reading a book (Influencer; The New Science of Leading Change) -  and one concept caught my eye: According to social science research, the difference between five years of experience and 20 years is relatively small in terms of applied skills and ability....

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